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Doha Paints offers high class services from color collections to technical support, Training Center, Tools and Accessories

Training center

Skilled painters are invited to be technically trained in Doha Paints training center. We can enhance and sharpen the Technical knowledge and skills of the paint masters to provide full and perfect applications to our clients.

Color Collections

Doha Paints offers a wide range of color collections throughout our EBM card color guide and well known international Fan decks such as RAL, NCS and Nova colors 2024. To get inspiration for the color choice, our clients has the possibility to choose from over 5000 colors for many products and finishes. EBM coloring center is available all the time to serve our clients and meet their demands

Technical support

Doha Paints technical team is committed to support both the clients and the contractors with advices and instructions. They will convey the new techniques and full knowledge to all, in order to insure proper application and full satisfaction to the clients. All the technical data sheets and material safety data sheets are available upon request. Our high Skilled Technicians are also available to guide the contractors and to demonstrate the right way of application.

Tools and Accessories

We inspire you to create styles to fit your needs by providing the necessary tools and accessories. We have wide range of paint tools and accessories to perfect the application. We develop solutions to meet the requirements of the customer throughout our long experience in this field.